Viking Helmets and Warriors

Viking helmets are some of the most recognizable medieval times helmets. The most popular design is the one with the horns jetting out from the side of the helmet. Many costumes and movies have popularized this design with different styles of horned helmets.Even a pro football team, the Minnesota Vikings, have the Viking as their team mascot and name.

The Vikings were a Scandinavian people who came out of present day Norway, Sweden, and that whole area in Northern Europe. They stared raiding and expanding their territory in the late 8th century ad and into the 11th century. They were famed for the long boats which cut through water and were very fast. They were also were said to have heads of dragons carved in the bow of the ship to intimidate the enemy as they landed near shore. The viking warriors were the terror of the early medieval ages. Raiding Great Britain and many villages in northern Europe spread their reputation as killings, stealers, and pillagers. Even modern day Canada felt their terror.

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