Different categories of Chainmail

Chainmail is the word which was developed from the letter maille which means knitting. Chainmail was the armors which were widely used in the medieval period of times because they are flexible, trivial and bold.

There are various categories available of chainmail, which are:

- Chainmail full sleeve; this chainmail is very strong hence; it can be used for supervised weapons-contact re-enactment. This chainmail is constructed as dome head riveted, having round wire ring type manufactured with aluminum and finishing touch is provided with grey anodized.

- Chainmail gloves; chainmail gloves are perfect for re-enactors, stage plays and also for combat use. Chainmail gloves can be purchased in a pair, chainmail gloves are constructed with dome head riveted and having natural finishing however, being manufactured with mild steel.

- Chainmail half sleeve; chainmail half sleeve is very much similar to that of chainmail full sleeves but the only difference is of sleeves.

- Full length chainmail with hood; this chainmail covers entire body of the person including knees. Full length chainmail is very easy to wear and you can easily move with the help of full length chainmail.

- Coif chainmail; coif chainmail have an additional strength over butted chainmail as coif chainmail can be used for reenactments and combat use. Different varieties of coif chainmail are coif chainmail- steel, coif chainmail- aluminum and coif with ventail.

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