Suit of Armor

Medieval suit of armor can add certain prestige and beauty to your home d├ęcor. Though all armor can be impressive in its own right's hard to compare them to Churberg Suit of Armor, Etched Suit of Armor, Medusa Suit of Armor - Engraved, Jousting Knight Suit of Armor, Black Knight Armor, White Knight Armor.Every suit of armor have its own speciality like the Black Knight Crusader suit of armor, its deep black armor creates a powerful and majestic statement. Further more, the skin of the suit of armor is lightly etched with golden lines, almost creating a creased or rough leather look.
The White Knight suit of armor is made in high carbon 18 gauge steel, so it has a natural silvery metallic color to it. Embossed on the front breast plate and helmet are numerous brass designs, including a crusader cross and Fleur four point design. It also includes a premium jousting lance, embroidered fabric that imitates textiles of the medieval ages, delicately designed lion shield, and a premium solid wooden base and stand. Standing at well over six feet tall with the lance almost reaching seven, this suit of armor is one of the most impressive you'll get your hands on. The proportions of this armor are pleasing to the eye as well, with broad and powerful shoulders.

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Greek Armor

Ancient Greek civilization is considered as one of the most powerful and dominant civilization of its time. Ancient Greeks had to fight with the city-states within Greece and at the same time with the neighboring countries such as Rome, Macedonia, Persia and so on. Ancient Greeks had a very proficient military and naval force. In ancient times, battles were fought using sharp weapons and not using guns and shells. The ancient Greek wars were fought differently because the ancient Greek weapons were fashioned differently.To protect themselves they use Greek Armor from being hit or cut by another sword.The foot soldiers were the backbone of an ancient Greek army. They use different Greek armor like hoplite. Since ancient Greek army men were armored and weaponed with Greek armor, they were known as hoplites.

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Medieval Armour

In the medieval days, the knights and soldiers wore armor and carried swords to the battlefield. Needless to say, the medieval swords were used for fighting and the medieval armor was used for protecting themselves from being hit or cut by another sword. Some medieval soldiers and knights also made use of axes to fight. To protect themselves from the swords of the enemy, the soldiers wore a variety of medieval armor to protect themselves. Let us look at the different types of medieval armor worn by the soldiers and knights.

Types of Medieval Armor

* Plate Armor: Plates or disks of steel were added slowly to chain mail medieval armor to protect the vulnerable areas of the body. These were initially added on to the chain mail medieval armor at the knees and armpits. But soon, plate armor took over the protection of the entire body of the soldier. Eventually this progressed into a full body covering armor suit which covered and protected the knight from head to toe.
* Iorica Segmentata: The Roman armor breastplate called the ‘Iorica Segmentata’ was perhaps the most efficient type of medieval armor used. This was made of segments of steel plates joined or welded together, as opposed to a single sheet of steel. This allowed for greater flexibility of movement for the knight or the soldier.

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Civil War weapons

The Civil War is considered one of the first “modern” wars because of advances made in Civil War weapons. These developments included more sophisticated rifles, and the use of entirely new weapons, including the Gatling gun, an early machine gun. Colt and Remington revolvers were used on both sides, and these pistols were said to be highly liked by troops. Large quantities of both types of revolver were used as Civil War weapons, although they were typically owned by officers or mounted soldiers. In fact, over 150,000 Colt Revolvers were delivered to Union soldiers during the war.

Many Civil War musket soldiers also used rifles. The Springfield Model 1861 was the most widely used rifle, favored for its range, accuracy, and reliability. This rifle included several advances in gun technology, including the use of percussion caps rather than flintlocks. The Enfield 1853 musket was the second most widely used rifle in the war, on both the Confederate and Union sides. In fact, it is estimated that nearly one million Enfields were used as Civil War weapons, and they were used in every major battle of the war.

To load the typical Civil War rifles, the soldier would pour in the black powder rifles, drop in the round lead ball, pack it down using a ramrod, and then fire the weapon. Although time consuming, these Civil War weapons were actually quite advanced for their day. These Civil War weapons differed from their predecessors because they were able to fire more rapidly, and were more accurate from a distance.

The casualty rate during the Civil War was very high, in large part due to advances in Civil War weapons making them much more deadly than in previous wars. Besides these very popular guns, there were many other types produced in smaller quantities, as weapon manufacturers popped up in both the North and the South. Some of the advancements made during the Civil War include rifled muskets, repeating rifles, machine guns, and cartridge rounds.

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