World war 2 weapons

World War Two weapons required a massive outpouring of manufacturing capabilities, giving rise to one of the world's largest industrial producers in the United States of America. The war and it's global reach challenged many a nation to rise up and fight back imperialistic and fascist incursion. With its roots in the First World War, it was not a surprise to see the fusion of man and machine to the extent that was witnessed in the Second World War. It was a war of heroes and villains, tyranny and democracy, meekness and strength. In the end, it would be a war of wars, setting the stage for the conflicts now witnessed in the 21st Century - most notable in the Middle East. Below you will find a listing of aircraft, infantry weapons and tanks used throughout World War 2 weapons by the major players and world powers. This listing is updated periodically when additions are made to the main Military Factory database. Eventually this should become an informative and comprehensive listing of military equipment used throughout World War 2.

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