Designer clothing is one vast industry these days which is necessary to meet the demand for good branded merchandise. Designer courses are a very popular nowadays: someone with a flair for expressing themselves and have the creative vision to transfer their ideas into the finished articles, can make a great deal of money. Designer clothing can be considered an applied art and the next generation of Armani, Nicholas Deakins or Goliath ranges are developing in the art students of today. The number of brand names is now quite staggering and many of the people responsible for them are household names.
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When anyone is asked to name a famous clothing brand, very few would mention the attributes of a Charles Frederick Worth outfit. This English gentleman, who exhibited in Paris in the mid 19th century, is claimed to be one of the first people to take designer clothing to a commercial level. Many of his designs had an historic element built into them and he placed a major emphasis on costumes that had good fit and feel characteristics. These themes can still be seen today in many of the exciting new ranges of designer clothing. One main purpose of buying designer clothing is to look distinctive from the rest and also feel a million dollars-even if your purchase doesn’t quite cost that much.

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