Roman Weapons

The Romans conquered many nations with their well designed weapons. They always started the battle with long ranged fire, to weaken the enemy. Long ranged weapons were also used to aid foot soldiers, while in combat. When the general of the Roman army thought the enemy had been weakened by this attack, the charge signal was given. Long ranged roman weapons were the pilum, the scorpion, bows and slings. The foot soldier would then charge in with their close range weapons. Their siege weapons were rams, ballista, towers, onager and catapults. The soldiers used a gladius and a dagger for close combat.
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Webmaster said...

Many of the weapons found in this list of the classics will be familiar to historical enthusiasts and World War II action-film fans. Many examples have become classics because of their design and most represent the latest developments in weaponry of their age.

But not all of these classics had fine reputations as tough, reliable and dependable weapons. Some, which turned out to be of very poor quality after being rushed into mass production, stand as icons of their time purely because they were made and used in such volume.

This database catalogues a host of nearly 100 machines and tools of war that shaped the outcome of the 20th century’s defining war and laid the foundations for the world we know today.

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